Back Stage Recordings

The audio recordings here are informal performances by Graymatter—our musical journal, so to speak. Whether it's back stage warm-up songs, or rare gems caught in rehearsals, jam session rarities, or bootleg live recordings, we hope you enjoy this impromptu record of our musical lives. Check out Graymatter on SoundCloud for more audio recordings.

Here is Dave's song "Why Don't We?" recorded November 6, 2013, with tasty ragtime guitar pickin' by Dave, 2nd acoustic guitar by Barry, guitar riffin' by Brad and brush drum by Bev, with Brad and Bev joining in on the vocals.

Here is Barry's "Footsteps," from a Novemeber 8, 2013 performance at Turntable in Jamestown NC.  Enjoy the excitement of the crowd at this tight performance. Pretty sure you can hear the audience singing along to this original. Captured live from a mobile recorder placed on the mantle in this charming old home turned venue. Lots of ambiance!

Brad belts out his song "Live With The Lies" on a second example of Graymatter captured live at Turntable. The band kicks in New Orleans-style with tenor banjo dueling with electric guitar, plus drum and acoustic guitar, with the whole band harmonizing, and the intimate crowd clapping along.

Here is Dave's song "Hidden Road", a third song from Turntable. Brad plays electric lead and Bev and Brad add the harmonies.

Check out Graymatter on SoundCloud for more audio recordings.