Saturday, August 20, 2016

Gifts from Graymatter Fans!

We really love seeing all your Graymatter concert photos and videos on social media! Please tag us in your photos or link to us so we can be sure to see all the great shots that you capture. Or post them to our Facebook page for all to see!

This photo was sent to us by Alejandro Alfonso after he found us playing in the streets at Beer-B-Que in downtown Burlington. Great shot.

Here's a video that was taken by Jim Pruitt while we were at Craft City Sip-In in Greensboro and here's another taken by Gregory Silva when we were at Muddy Creek in Winston-Salem. Aren't they fun!

And here's a fantastic painting by Skip Zimmerman. Our instruments! It's so nice to receive these gifts. Graymatter friends are the best!

We have some pretty fantastic events coming up over the next few months, including some awesome outdoor festivals. Be sure to keep an eye on our calendar to see what's ahead!